Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank you Mr. Annan for handing over the envelope

It caught us Kenyans and particularly our politicians unawares when former UN Secretary-General Koffi Annan decided to hand in the envelope containing the names of those who participated in post election violence, to ICC Chief Prosecutor Louise Moreno Ocampo before August. Most of our politicians who are suspects are not happy but majority of Kenyans are happy because we do not trust our Judiciary to try the “big fish”, so Hague is the only option for them. For the “small fish” who were used by them to cause chaos and to perform all the evil that was done on innocent citizens of this country, a local Tribunal should handle their cases.

Our politicians are very good at delay tactics and just like Annan said, justice delayed in justice denied. They forgot that the envelope was not in the hands of a Kenyan who could be bribed. Corruption is the root cause of all this if Kivuitu (former chairman of Elections Commission) acted like a patriotic citizen and refused to be bribed, then we would not be talking of post election violence, the Hague, a local tribunal and a truth and justice commission. Kenya would have had a democratic elected president and may be President Barrack Obama would have also visited Kenya after Ghana. Hence President Obama was very right when he boycotted Kenya his father’s country in his Africa visit plan and also when he mentioned in his speech Corruption, tribalism and nepotism as part of problems facing Kenyans.

Thank you once again Mr. Annan, we await justice from Mr. Ocampo.

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