Monday, May 18, 2009

Brand Kenya Initiative

Watching Brand Kenya Launch on TV this morning and listening to the opening remarks from the CEO and other speakers, I must say it is a good initiative that should have started a long time. If what they are advocating for would have been implemented earlier in Kenya, we would have been very far now. However it is not too late to start Branding Kenya, if they can be allowed to work in partnership with the media without political interference, then this country will be a wonderful place.

Kenya is a beautiful and wonderful country with many prospects & assets to attract visitors, investors and to make living conditions of citizens better. The major hindrance to our country’s image and development is our politicians and corruption. Our politicians have served us over 45 years since independence but because majority of them are only concerned about filling their stomach, acquiring wealth and rewarding their friends/associates, but not improving the lives of those who elected them. If they were genuine our country would have been better than what it is today.

I hope this will not be like other bodies that are known to hold conferences where they talk big and do nothing. Since public funds will be involved to support the initiative it has to bear fruits. Otherwise I wish them success in Branding Kenya our beautiful country.


AWB said...

I think this is the right time for this initiative:kenya needs a facelift or a complete makeover in terms of PR.AWB is ready to work to be associated with this noble agenda!

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it's a spectacular initiative. I always watch that on TV, every morning with my wife, and we were enjoyed the special topic: Kenya. It's something special. Definitely, but what did you do when you saw the program?

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A friend of mine went to Kenya last year, he brought back some photos and souvenirs, he told how beautiful this country is.