Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kenyan New Cabinet

Everyone reads with surprise the naming of Kibaki/Kalonzo new cabinate. Many questions are being asked;

1-Why a part cabinate naming; is it a water testing tactics?

2-Why no Luo minister?

3-Why name prior to negotiations? Is this to undermine the negotiations?

and many more..........

As a kenyan what would you tell Raila, Kibaki, Kalonzo if your were allowed to talk to him directly?

Many people apart from those that got job postings are not happy with the move; especially the timing is extremely inappropriate.

Please pray for this country


Phil said...

Its a classic example why we need to have a devolution of the constitution so we can be ruled by a government that derives its strength from parliament - which consists of individuals elected at the grassroots, rather than a minority and fraudulent government like Kibakis.

By naming his part cabinet, it shows Kibaki has got no intention of backing down. He has no respect for diplomats nor mediators and belives he was re-elected president of kenya. What saddens me is that despite all the innocent unarmed civilians killed by his overzealous policemen, he has offered no condolences and the chief PNU spokesman Alfred Mutua continues to talk as if Kenyans are all stupid citizens.

I can assure however that the war to liberate thisc ountry has started and it will be very expensive at the end of it all.

I am so disgusted by this so-called president and his half government; and it is extremely shameful for me to be called a Kenyan at this time!

Anonymous said...

lol ati why no luo minister kwani who said kenya must have a luo minister -lol luos are not special they are just kenyans like rendilles

Anonymous said...

this is unfortunate.
We need a government of Unity the just concluded naming is far from it.
I dont think this naming contributes positively to peace.I wish it could.

Ssembonge said...

Words can't explain the tragedy that is happening in Kenya.

Taabu said...

Playing Russian roullete with the lives of Kenyans is what I can sum all the madness from Kibaki. The chap has no clue of what he is subjecting Kenyans to and is oblivious of the consequences of his actions. The kitchen cabinet of Karua/Michuki/Kimunya will oneday come to rue their resolve to belittle the collective intelligence of Kenyans. We haven't seen anything yet and KENYA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN, NEVER.