Tuesday, September 20, 2016


After the cold and rainy season from April to August and early September the weather is getting hot and hotter. Sometimes it looks like it will rain in Nairobi but it is mostly sunny and hot, same as other parts of the Country but they get same rain.

The same trend is being experience in the political atmosphere as we are approaching next year’s elections.  The political temperature is getting hot and hotter as political parties are organizing their houses in readiness for nominations. Political leaders have started feeling the heat of reality downing on them that there is a possibility of losing their positions come the nominations.

To me it’s a time for political circus and drama that will get more interesting and annoying at the same time to watch, I call it the season for Kenya Political Soap Opera.

Enjoy and pray for peace.


Mishka R said...

New weather – new wardrobe! What sun have advised to you, look right now https://tuko.co.ke/197852-see-kenyans-excited-sun-photos.html

Xavier said...

On a light note, could the global warming phenomenon be affecting political temperatures in Kenya? My guess is that Kenya(ns) get too much focused on policts